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My Favorite Posts From This Year

My Favorite Posts From This Year

We are at that weird time of the year between Christmas being over and the New Year not yet begun and I always seem to find myself in a post holiday fog. I don't know if it is from the excitement, too many presents or not knowing what to do with yourself. So my brain is fuzzy so today's post will be a bit lazy. Sorry not sorry.


So even though I don't have a full year's worth of posts to choose from I decided to do a year end round up of sorts since that is what you do when you post on the internet all the time? This is also a shameless way to repost some of my favorites. Deal with it!


Taylor Swift's Reputation is Pretty Good


I think the most surprising thing that happened to me this year is having T Swift new album Reputation blasting in the car with my husband both of us singing and waist up dancing and thinking, Would I have ever thought this is what I would being doing in my 30's? Absolutely not. That is what makes it so great. You are as young as you feel.


Holiday Outfits with Red Boots


These are some of my favorite outfits. I used to have a low key obsession with red which is now being shown to the world. No shame.


The Center Will Not Hold


Any time I can read Joan Didion's writing I feel like a new facet of the world is brought to my attention or something which is usually overlooked by others is something that intrigues us both.


Reformation Redux


The first time I tried out styling and different outfits revolving around one piece. This time it was a translucent Reformation floral maxi dress that I bought on sale years ago. All these photos were taken on my phone and used tons of photo editing apps which was fun to learn. I'm glad that I've graduated to my real camera because it is hard to get good angles and shots when you constantly have to prop up a phone.


Hunger by Roxane Gay


Definitely the most powerful book I read this year. I knew about and of Roxane Gay's writing but hadn't dived into one of her books yet.


Goth in the Country


Taking photos in the dark is always fun. I still like the end result and the story it tells. Inspired by the book, Things To Do When You're Goth in the Country by Chavisa Woods I still sometimes feel like a goth teen stuck in a boring world that doesn't understand me. But now I don't care.


Next week get ready for Last minute New Year's Eve Outfits because everyone forgets about New Year's after the holiday madness.

Last Minute Outfits for New Year's Eve

Last Minute Outfits for New Year's Eve

Holiday Outfits with Statement Earrings

Holiday Outfits with Statement Earrings