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Podcasts for Undercover Adults

Podcasts for Undercover Adults

There are many road markers on the journey to adulthood and a new one I've adopted is podcasts. Sometimes, or all the time, there is nothing on the radio or TV. You can listen to podcasts anywhere and they can be equal parts relaxing, entertaining or enlightening. For perpetual learners it's the ultimate on the go learning tool.


I blame Serial for this new obsession. When Serial first came out I had dabbled in some podcasts, downloading a few episodes here and there but hadn't found anything truly captivating yet. Even with all the rave reviews I was skeptical but downloaded the first episode. Soon enough I caught up to the last released episode and started the dreadful, excruciating process of waiting a couple of days up to a week for the newest episode.


I have expanded my repertoire since then and keep a couple different episodes downloaded on my phone just in case I'm caught in a boredom spiral from waiting in line or lurking in a waiting room filled with old magazines and rowdy children.


Serial season 1 & 2


Pretty obvious recommendation here. The first season felt more true crime than the second season but both were eye opening about subjects or sectors I didn't have in depth knowledge of. The former being the criminal justice system and the latter military procedures and proceedings. I don't like to spoil things so if you are intrigued by mysteries or trials try the first episode of the first season and see if it captures you.


S Town


I purposely stayed in the dark about the subject matter of this podcast so I could truly be surprised by whatever twists and turns it delivered. I think everyone will find value and something to relate to in this series. It takes place in a small town in Alabama, where murder accusations bring someone from out of town, New York, for an outside perspective on the goings on here. I wasn't shocked by some people's opinions about controversial topics since they are in the South and I've encountered plenty of similar people in Texas. I don't condone it and some people like to exaggerate to live up to self perpetuated stereotypes about their region. Basically saying the shocking things they think you want to hear but not believing them or vice versa. This is a great education into what living under oppression of many flavors is like when you don't fit in to many societal norms among other things.




Time to lighten the mood. I don't know who came up with this concept but it's genius. Read your angsty teenage diaries in front of strangers and try not to laugh so hard you cry or pee. Some of these are funnier than others but all of them are guaranteed to make you laugh or crack a smile and be thankful you aren't an insecure teen anymore.


Girl Boss Radio


I enjoy listening to this podcast on my lunch break because the episodes are usually around 30 to 40 minutes. Sometimes I can get away with listening on my headphones at my desk. The vibe is pretty chill but the questions are no less hard hitting in terms of careers, successes and struggles just to name a few key points. The best episodes are when the host, Sophia Amoruso, and the guest(s) are chatting like old friends and you get to be the fly on the wall soaking up the knowledge and fun stories from the engaging conversation.


Honorable Mention: Hidden Brain


As someone who loves neuroscience and got to dissect a sheep brain in college, for class, this is a podcast made for the neuroscientist in me. I've only listened to one episode but I have a feeling I will be listening to many more.

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Remembering Shirley

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