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My Favorite Lip Balm You've Never Heard Of

My Favorite Lip Balm You've Never Heard Of

My lips are perpetually chapped. It's just a fact of life. Sometimes I can keep them non flaky for a couple days or a week if I'm lucky. My wedding day was the wonderful exception where somehow I received clear skin, non chapped lips and no hangnails until after my nuptials when we were wandering aimlessly through Vegas.


Back to the important stuff: lip balms. I used to love glossy lip glosses in junior high and high school. Sparkly, mostly clear and smelling like fruit or candy this was what you put on your lips. Even though these should have moisturized my lips they usually didn't. My chapped lips hid in plain sight underneath the gloss obscured through irresistible shine and sparkle.


So I started searching for lip products to keep my lips from chapping. I read in some teen girl magazine, Girls' Life perhaps, you could make your own lip balm with petroleum jelly and a fun scent or oil. The only one available at my house was vanilla so I dumped the jelly and mixed in a few drops of vanilla. I was underwhelmed. It didn't look as fun as my other lip stuff even though it smelled good so I rarely used it.


I've learned through trial and error plus internet sleuthing that a lot of lip balms have ingredients that are bad for your lips. Some of them will keep them perpetually chapped! What the hell? So I couldn't be blamed for failing to find my diamond in the rough lip solution that would keep my lips looking good and having a decent scent too.


I found my unlikely holy grail by accident with the help of an unlikely source, my Dad. He works in food science and technology where they have an annual convention called the IFT, Institute of Food Technologists, that used to dictate where we went on vacation in the summer since it usually happens in July or August.


After a long day of scouring the convention floor he would bring us back free goodies which ranged from disgusting, caffeine gum = super gross, to odd, ice cream scoop with an unknown old man on the handle.


One day a lip balm fell out of the daily swag bag. I grabbed it and was immediately weirded out yet intrigued by the name. Chicken Poop. Really?! I couldn't believe anyone would name their product that but I knew nothing about product marketing then. Even though the name was strange I had chapped lips. I was going to try it.


I opened it and was pleasantly surprised by the aroma which was not fecal in the slightest; more floral and fruity. I smeared it on and was initially happy because it didn't burn or tingle, a surefire sign that a product was irritating your lips and not healing them.


Throughout that vacation I kept using the lip balm feeling like the smartest person around until I promptly lost it and forgot about it when we returned home. My search was renewed for finding a moisturizing lip balm and I cycled through a few contenders but ultimately they failed in the long run.


I rediscovered Chicken Poop in the bottom of one of my rarely used purses and was determined not to lose sight of it again. I also have the resources to purchase more now since I found their website just in case I lose mine again. I'd also like to try out the one with sun protection since lips can definitely get sunburned.


I would absolutely recommend this for anyone who needs a moisturizing lip balm with a subtle scent. Even my husband likes it and he hates most lip products.

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