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Top Ten Mood Boosting Songs

Top Ten Mood Boosting Songs

Everyone has moments where they are bored, uninspired or stuck in a bad mood. Help is available. The best remedy can be delivered through your headphones. I used to hate my earbuds, mostly because of the fit, but my desperation was so great that one day at work I put them in and started blasting my music. Surprisingly, or not, the thing that relaxes me at home and revives me while driving also works in the office. Not really a revelation but I am taking full advantage of this new discovery. For me almost any song will work, from my music selection, but the below are a random selection curated from my iTunes as especially effective.


Dirt Poor Robins: Love Again

I like this song because it's different enough with whistling, snapping and chanting to keep it from being overly sweet as the title suggests. Another bonus for me is they also have a great female singer. They also have a killer Elanor Rigby cover.


Elton John: Tiny Dancer

This is my ultimate personal mood booster. I always feel restored after listening and usually can't, and won't, stop myself from singing. This song only serves to improve my life every time. Fun fact: When I saw him in concert last year, dreams come true, I couldn't stop singing and felt no shame swaying along with the audience. Thank you, Elton!


The Naked and Famous: Young Blood

Definitely an over played, energizing, party starter jam but it's still fun to me. I haven't gotten sick of it yet.


Florence and the Machine: Dog Days are Over

Another song that no matter what makes me feel more powerful and motivated. I think that's just a side effect of Florence's amazing vocal prowess. I remember the first time I heard her on the radio. All I could think was, Wow.


Foster the People: Helena Beat

More palatable and funky therefore more appealing to me then their monster hit a couple of years ago.


Sleigh Bells: Infinity Guitars

I don't know where I found this gem but I love it. I added this to a summer mix tape a year ago and got a kick out of people's reactions to it. It gives me girl power and bad girl cheerleader vibes. Chanting, clapping plus reverb and simple lyrics makes it easy to sing along. Stay until the end when things get really weird in a good way.


Electric Light Orchestra: Don't Bring Me Down

No explanation needed, right? It's right there in the title.


George Harrison: Awaiting On You All

I need at least one Beatle on here, right? George Harrison has some great albums and this one off the album All Things Must Pass is an awesome energizer. Do I know half the lyrics? No. Do I care? Also no. Will I probably be singing or dancing to it? Yes, most definitely.


David Bowie: Young American

I credit my Dad's music collection for having a more varied David Bowie selection which exposed me to songs I never would have heard otherwise. The tempo and key changes keep it interesting as well as the back up singers. It's almost like 3 or more songs smashed together in a good way. And it's Bowie. What's not to love?


Phantogram: Don't Move

For people who like that weird intersection of electronic and scuzzy chill psychedelic music with palatable lyrics sung well. Side note: I have no idea what to call this genre. This one is simultaneously therapeutic and invigorating. Almost like a zen cup of coffee.


Happy listening!

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