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What I Can't Leave Home Without

What I Can't Leave Home Without

I am usually prepped and ready for the inevitable Monday morning rush. I have an outfit laid out, which could change depending on my mood and the weather, bag and lunch packed and phone charged. But sometimes Monday's sneak up on me and I forget something or a couple of things. Then at work I kick myself realizing my mistake. Usually it's nothing vital but sometimes the little things can be the most important.


One morning in high school I was sitting in the passenger seat on the way to school. I looked down in horror to see I forgot a crucial part of my outfit. My wrists were naked and I felt exposed. No one at school would notice but I would which trumps everyone else.


I bit my lip and glanced at my mom. She was waiting to pull out of our neighborhood and there was no turning back. It was too late. I would have to live with my absent minded lapse.


I sighed rubbing my wrists. I usually kept them covered because I didn't like the protruding bone knob next to my wrist that came with having skinny arms. My wristbands and sweatbands were safely tucked away in my room while I forged ahead into the world without my wrists hidden.


Nothing extraordinary happened to me that day. I felt uncomfortable and whined to anyone who would listen about my predicament. If I was older with my license and a car I could and would have gone home for lunch and picked them up.


Today I don't care who sees my wrists. My style continues to evolve dramatically and my must have accessory before leaving the house today is my rings. I only wear two most days sometimes spicing it up with a turquoise ring or my sapphire engagement ring. But I need my two rings, my rocks, to feel whole and like myself to take on the day. And on Monday I forgot them.


The whole day I felt off. More than a typical Monday should. Just like in high school no one noticed because no one stares at your hands or wrists. Usually the mornings are the worst but by the afternoon things have picked up.


Not so this Monday. It was a slow trudge that felt twice as long as 8 hours. I hated to admit it but my rings gave me strength and without them I felt drained and powerless.


Before I got married the two rings were my engagement ring and my vintage art deco ring that I detailed in my blog post last Wednesday. It fits my pointer finger on my right hand perfectly. Once I put in on I knew I wouldn't want to take it off. My engagement ring is beautiful but for day to day I can't deal with the stress of possibly damaging it from my flailing left hand.


So I got a simple but still interesting wedding band that complements my engagement ring when together and also looks good standing alone. It's engraved with a pattern so it still sparkles in the sun but I don't have to worry about stones falling out.


So what makes you feel naked if you forgot it at home? Let me know in the comments.

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