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Vintage Faves: Tees

Vintage Faves: Tees

Sustainability is the new buzzword in the fashion community and more people talking about this spreading awareness is great. But the easiest and cheapest way to support sustainable fashion is probably already in your closet, hopefully.




Whether it's your sibling's hand me downs, yard sale finds or high end consignment scores, vintage fills that niche when you are willing to dig for a new piece to fill the void in your collection. I get most of my vintage the easy, lazy way by borrowing or taking clothes and not giving them back. I see potential in something someone else wants to get rid of. My love of vintage started early on for me with my Dad giving up a couple too tight shirts that were well worn and loved. From a young age I've wanted to cultivate a large and slightly eclectic wardrobe.


This is how I've acquired most of my vintage pieces without doing the leg work or throwing down cash. The best way to shop is in other peoples closets. Free is the way to go in my book. I showed you my vintage jewelry a couple of weeks ago which only started growing recently. My favorite type of vintage clothes are old, soft, sometimes hole-y and falling apart shirts like those pictured below.


The Zoo Tee

This is one of two gems featured from my dad. A casualty of time and growth made it a new contender for my closet. This one might date me since I was still crawling around when this radio station went off the air. But I believe they are back on the airwaves just online only. Which is great because the good rock stations keep disappearing around here.


Band and Music Tees: Metallica, AC/DC, Mercenary Audio


This isn't my first Metallica shirt but it is my favorite. I bought this off of eBay for a reasonable sum which probably doesn't happen anymore. The AC/DC one came from my husband who was fed up with all the holes and fraying hems. Not pictured are the little holes surrounding the shoulder seams and wear and tear that trendy brands fake to make their stuff look authentically worn. These two are my favorite for lounging around the house. Also if you have long wavy or curly hair, like me, using vintage tees to dry your hair is much more effective at cutting down frizz and drying time than normal towels. Unexpected hair tip for you.


In DIY or die I talk about cutting up old tees. This one from Mercenary Audio is my favorite for how it came out and the slogan on the back. I went through a phase of wanting to change and alter old vintage tees, mostly because of fit issues. Now I usually keep them intact. This one I cut into a tank and stitched up the sides for a slightly less baggy fit.



Adidas Tee


Reality check: I possibly was motivated to date and marry someone taller than me because I wanted their worn out, cast off shirts to swim in. Hilarious side note: this Adidas shirt when worn with a lethal combination of denim mini skirt and tan sandals made a guy checking me out on my college campus run over a poor girl who happened to be walking in his general direction on the sidewalk.


I was so embarrassed at the time, because it's my fault that my beauty is maiming other women?, but my fellow walking companion, my future husband, could not stop laughing. I never turned around to confirm this happened but he said the guy wrecked his bike and was flipping him off for laughing. The whole situation was ridiculous. Lesson learned; any outfit can be a siren song for bike riders on campus. Check out my Instagram for a re-imagining of this notorious outfit with a neurology text book included for authenticity. 

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