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Vintage Faves: Objects

Vintage Faves: Objects

I remember clearly going into other people's homes, usually older than my parents, and being in awe of all the trinkets and objects they had amassed over the years. Their homes were well curated museums. Even though it was thrilling as a child to see so much stuffed into such close quarters I can't imagine trying to keep track of, clean and buy this many objects which just sit around looking pretty. Significant objects are fine but eventually just turns into expensive clutter. This is where my minimalistic tendencies were born. I have a few objects I'd like to share because they are reminders of people or places that are gone or hard to visit.


Lawyer Statue


I never saw this piece until we were in my Grandpa's house after he passed away. People were invited to take mementos. Besides the pool table, which I had nowhere to put, I didn't think anything would catch my eye. Then I saw this paper weight and it made me laugh even though my Grandpa was gone. So I took it with me. I had fun toying with the idea of becoming a lawyer just to put this on my desk so people would know I was a fun lawyer like Elle Woods with less pink. But I prefer to live without mountains of debt so that fleeting dream died.


M bedframe.JPG

Bed Frame with Attached Bookshelf


Previously used for sleepover's at Grandma's house and eventually made its way into my room when she moved and downsized. Ignore my super cool Hello Kitty comforter. Surprisingly, I've rarely bumped my head on the bookshelf above my head. I had so much fun reading and browsing through the books left in these shelves by my aunt and uncles when it was at her house. The most memorable are One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Omen. Ironically I've never read these as an adult but only seen the movies and the unfortunate remake in theaters on 06/06/2006. Spooky.


Circus jewelry box 


This old thing no longer plays but I store valuable objects in it such as nice makeup I don't wear on a daily basis, random jewelry and hair clips I always forget about until I peek inside. Another valuable keepsake from my Grandmother's house in Gainesville. I like the faded pastels and the cushy red velvet lining the inside.


Coach Purse


Another item acquired when people were moving. I like the fact that you have no way of knowing this is Coach which is the way I like it. I'm not into brand and logo saturated pieces so the undercover Coach bag will stay. It is hanging in the middle and looks deliciously vintage and beat up so no one will suspect a thing. I have a penchant for leather and this brown distressed purse is no different.


Dooney & Bourke Purses


Originally I bought about 10 of these purses on eBay when I did all of my shopping there. Since then I've given away and sold the rest so I only have a few that have stayed through the past decade. I like the scuffed vintage look of these even though they aren't ridiculously old. These purses helped me realize that black is not the only neutral color even though it is still my favorite. The white and navy usually add a pop of color to my outfits. People seem to think they cost a lot even though they are old. Which means these people don't know about the magic of eBay and I will not enlighten them.

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