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3 Endless Summer Outfits

3 Endless Summer Outfits

Outfits I'll keep wearing this summer and into fall.


Relentless summers are what make people love Texas or run far far away. Since we have AC I think it's pretty bearable. Endless summers are more preferable to me than endless winters. Sorry Northerners! Summer is still going strong even though the kids and teens have to march back to school. Here are some pieces I've added to my collection this year that will help me power through the sweltering days to come and carry over into the 70 and 80 degree days when they return.


I love sales even when they contribute to my unhealthy spending habits. So when one of my favorite sustainable brands has a sale (Reformation!) I let myself indulge. I've learned with Reformation their popular pieces will sell out fast so if you really want it you will have to pay full price or be lightning fast when they go on sale. Luckily for me I don't need a million cute mini dresses so I'm able to hold off. The white ruffle top and black slip dress are still on sale as of this posting if you want to scoop them up.


Reformation white top + Pink shorts


I've been on the prowl for a cute white top for endless summer vibes and this ruffled off the shoulder top is it. This outfit will take you from brunch to baby shower or any place where you pray there will not be a random food fight. Wearing a lot of light colors used to give me hives.


What if they get dirty? What if they can see my underwear?


But with the sun beaming down on me everyday I've learned not to care. Also good for running miscellaneous errands when you still want to look good and be comfortable; an elusive combination in the summer. I've been having a bit of a ruffle moment this summer as I recently got a ruffled one piece swimsuit in an outfit below that will definitely be doubling as a bodysuit.


Reformation slip dress + Grana Tee + Everlane Slides


I know we are supposed to be wearing white tees underneath black dresses but I was already at the forefront of this trend in my teens with a black lacy tank top and a see through millennial pink tee with dinosaurs on it. Fierce high school fashion.


This outfit is the perfect combination of minimalism and trying to not be so 90's it hurts. You can make this sexy by wearing heels and no extra shirts. That's what black slip dresses are made for versatility. I'm a sucker for a good black and white outfit even though I usually want to add a pop of color. Instead I added a faux pearl choker because you can make a choker out of almost anything.


White shirts are usually an overlooked staple of mine because they can be utilized in so many ways but the abundance of choice and possibilities usually paralyzes me. Not so with this one from Grana. I've been wearing it over dresses tied to the side like a faux crop top and loose with shorts. It sits in the sweet spot of being a little bit baggy but still showing off your shape.


Samantha Pleet swimsuit + Reformation skirt 


Some trends I pick up because I like them and already owned them, i.e. millennial pink, and others I don't really get. The bodysuit used to be one of the latter. I can appreciate the ease of not dealing with tops becoming untucked but beyond that I wasn't too intrigued. Then a light bulb went off in my brain this year when I saw one piece swimsuits being used as bodysuits. Genius.


My first inclination was to get black since black is my spirit color but I hesitated. One swimsuit I couldn't stop looking at was this Samantha Pleet one. It was navy, a cousin of black, and off the shoulder but could be worn on your shoulders or one at a time. I never thought I would gleefully buy a one piece swimsuit in my twenties but here we are. I am very excited about the outfit possibilities going into fall and possibly winter with jeans and leggings.


This summer outfit can take you anywhere which is almost impossible. Going for a dip in the pool? You already have on a swimsuit and a stylish cover up when you don't want to show off your butt in public. Going to a concert? Watch out for grass stains but you should be good if you're dancing all night. Going on a date which could result in impromptu swimming? Perfect.


This is outfit is a type of litmus test. Do you love it or hate it? Then you will love or hate me. Also if worn on a first date could make your potential suitor run away screaming or pondering it like life's deepest questions. Can you wear ruffles, hounds tooth and giant red earrings all at once? Yes.

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