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Texas Summer Hacks

Texas Summer Hacks

Sweltering summer temperatures are here to stay in Texas with the hottest month finally underway. Currently we have experienced a few days of abnormally low temperatures and rain in August which makes me think we are in the Twilight Zone. I honestly can't remember it ever raining in Texas in August. My parents were married in August and they were sweating it up big time in their expensive outfits running between one air conditioned place to another. What can you do if you have to wear actual clothes all day and don't get to lounge around in a swim suit at home? These tips will help you stay as cool as possible.


Invest in breathable fabrics in light colors.

Kind of obvious but you will be sweating more than necessary if you pile on the poly blends in the summer. Cotton, linen, chambray and other breathable fabrics are your friends. I have some great long sleeve button ups in linen and chambray that I use to stay cool outside, as an extra layer of sun protection and to keep from freezing in over air conditioned buildings.


Find shade where you can.

When it's sunny outside it's nice to find a shady spot where your car won't be a sauna when you jump back in. But in the summer the competition gets pretty fierce. People will circle parking lots looking for the most shade and grab it. Or they look for the unicorn spot, being in the shade and close to the entrance, which is just as elusive. You can also park in a parking garage and save time being stuck behind the shade roamers. Sitting outside also isn't too bad if you are in the shade and there is a breeze or two to catch.


Stay inside all the time.

This is kind of a joke but also not really since some days you walk outside and the heat just smacks you in the face. You were trying to be healthy and thinking of taking a walk but now you just want to run back inside. Some days the most outdoor activity you are going to get is sprinting from your car to buildings and back again. No shame.


If want to go outside get wet.

This can be running through sprinklers, swimming or sitting in a kiddie pool. Another advantage to this is when you go back inside you get so cold you can't even stand it if you are blasting the AC.


Wear the least amount of clothing possible without getting in trouble.

Seems obvious but don't pile on excessive layers in the summer. It's just more fabric you are going to sweat through. Wait until fall to show off those layering skills.

Ref skirt M.jpg

Linen Reformation skirt

With a high waist you can rock it with a crop top if you want.

Some of my own outfit hacks:

Wear crop top with high waist skirt or other bottoms to show off none or a sliver of your ribs.

Wear swim cover ups as tops. I've done this at work. It can be done!

Wear built in bra tops to cut out another layer. This is a personal preference of mine. Some days you don't want to deal with accumulated sweat around your bra so I ditch it.

Wear dresses, skirts or loose pants. I don't know how people wear jeans in the summer. I just can't.

Wear sandals until your feet stop sweating.

Wear swim suits as tops. Obviously not doable everywhere but it's worth a shot.

Bonus- you are prepared for an impromptu dip at any time!

For more summer outfit ideas check out Reformation Redux or Ethical Shopping Wish List for Summer.

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