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Four Tips to Wake Up Easier in the Winter

Four Tips to Wake Up Easier in the Winter

It is so tempting to stay warm and cuddled in bed with frigid temperatures so here are four tips to wake up easier in the winter tried and tested by me. Some of these are new weapons in my arsenal and others I've been doing for months. These will work during other season's but since we are in the throes of winter right now it seems the most applicable.


Get enough sleep.


Super obvious but it needs to be said. After a long day it is so tempting to curl up in bed, on the couch or in front of the computer and just zone out for hours. Getting enough sleep is more important than finishing one more episode on Netflix. I promise your show will still be there tomorrow. This also makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning. 


Yoga or other exercise in the morning.


All types of exercise get a kick of resurgence right now because of New Year's Resolutions. Instead of punishing myself with draconian resolutions I will easily break within weeks I like to reexamine my habits and see which ones are serving me and which ones aren't. The difference between skipping this step physically isn't too arresting but mentally it makes all the difference. This could also be mindfulness in the morning since the exercise aspect is secondary for me. With that said my flexibility also suffers when I skip a day.


Make your own coffee concoction.


I have been in a coffee complacency rut for more years then I would like to admit. I started drinking the bottled Starbucks frappucinos, which you can get anywhere and everywhere, in high school as a sleep deprived teen. I used to guzzle a whole bottle every morning but downgraded it to half because it made me feel jittery and sick. Recently I started trying different types of coffee with less milk and sugar. I realized I like the taste of coffee even though the taste is barely perceptible in those super sweet bottled concoctions.


Since I'm lazy and don't mind drinking coffee cold when it is cold outside I tried coffee bags for cold brew from Brandless. It is just as easy as it sounds. You put one of the bags in a pitcher of cold water and let it steep in the fridge for 24 hours. Then you throw the bag away and have coffee for a week. I add vanilla soy milk to my daily cup in the morning. This tastes great, doesn't upset my stomach, lactose intolerant, and I don't get hungry 2 hours later because of the extra sugar.


I would say this change in my routine is the most significant and would urge anyone to reassess their coffee habits in the morning. I have more energy in the morning without being jittery, save money and time, and don't start out the day with a sugar crash. I might experiment with pour over coffee next but I really like the ease of just mixing my coffee in the morning.


Use Eye Cream.

Bonus points if it has caffeine. Like coffee for your face!


Need an extra kick in the morning and want to moisturize your under eyes? This eye cream, 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, does it and smells amazing. This is my first foray into eye cream so I wasn't expecting any miracles. Even as a noted beauty skeptic the hundreds of positive reviews coupled with the need to smear something under my eyes besides coconut oil gave me reason enough to try it. I wouldn't call it a miracle product or promote drastic results but I can tell the difference between days I'm wearing it and not. This eye cream also makes concealer application easier which is always appreciated.

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