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3 Tips to Stay Healthy in the Winter

3 Tips to Stay Healthy in the Winter

Ah, winter. The time of year when we stay huddled together for warmth and pass around germs like a fruit plate. It is cold and flu season and if you hate being sick, me, or just want to use your sick days for fun instead of recovering from an illness, no shame, read on. Most of these tips and tricks are no brainers but some could be new to you.

In a true practice what you preach moment I started to feel a cold sneaking up on me Monday morning and I wasn't about to go down without a fight. So I buckled down, used the tips below and beyond willpower, which I have in spades, kept my body from letting the sickness spread. And it worked! By Tuesday night I felt normal again.

It should go without saying that I'm not a doctor or nutritionist so if you want to try some of these out do your research and see if they would be a good fit for you. Consult with actual medical gurus instead of someone who just watched all the House episodes and almost feels qualified to give advice because of it, me again. I used all of the methods below to prevent my body from getting sicker but I'm not bashing modern medicine which I use once I am sick to heal.


Guzzling Tea and Water


I love tea and your body loves tea. Depending on the blend it has antioxidants and other good things for your body. Drinking it hot soothes a sore throat before it becomes worse. Have you heard about turmeric tea? If you have no idea where to start these lazy turmeric tea recipes will lead the way. Green teas are also great since they can be served hot or cold. I recently did a green tea swap and started brewing my own green tea to accompany my lunch. If you aren't really into tea drinking lots of water will help too.

Another new to me tea concoction is kombucha. Yes, like the hippies used to drink. But now you can get it at Sprouts! I heard through internet perusing that ginger and lemon is a great way to boost your immune system. Since I'm lazy I went looking for a drink containing pressed ginger and lemon. That's how I found Health Ade Kombucha. This flavor, ginger and lemon, is not for the meek. It is very strong and burns a bit going down your throat like doing a shot. A healthy shot for immunity boosting.

Twice this winter I've started to feel under the weather, guzzled some kombucha and felt better the next day. It could be the placebo effect but I'm keeping some in my fridge for the rest of the winter just to be on the safe side. The good news for people who don't like the way tea tastes, used to be me, is this tea doesn't taste like tea at all. The ginger and lemon completely obliterate any tea taste from coming through. Health Ade kombucha comes in a giant glass bottle and should last for a couple months unless you are downing a large amount daily.


Eating “healthy”


Don't groan, I'm just the messenger! I know it is super boring and everyone says this is the best way to do anything like losing weight or living longer. This is especially important in the winter because your immune system needs to be ready for anything. I know it is not always fun but making healthier choices in the winter will keep you from succumbing to that bug everyone in the office is getting or that your kid brought home from school. Just for reference people have been coughing at my office since December and I haven't caught that yet. Fingers crossed. I know mounds of carbs feel good and comforting but just eat more fruits and vegetables. See if they make you feel better.




I heard about this supplement through various websites including Girlboss and decided to try it out. The main reason is because I'm mildly anemic, it runs in the family, so I needed an iron supplement. The dosage on the bottle says to take six pills a day, I got the Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina in tablet form, but I started with two pills a day. I upped my personal dose from two a day to four a day when I felt sick. Some how the elusive combination of eating healthy, eating more (I always get hungry when I'm sick), guzzling water and tea (green and kombucha) and taking spirulina got rid of my first symptoms of a cold.

Don't forget about the other staying healthy culprits like getting enough sleep, exercising, washing your hands, not touching door handles or other germy spots with your hands (just me?) and staying away from sick people. Easy!

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