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Album Art Design Challenge with Adobe

Album Art Design Challenge with Adobe

After a tumultuous but ultimately productive week writing a blog post was the last thing on my mind. Sometimes I can pull out a topic or recycle a previous post but I figured I should show what I’ve been working on this week as a distraction and creative pursuit. In my graphic design group chat one of our members posted about an Adobe album contest. Intrigued I clicked on their blog post and was ready to create.

I listened to the artist, Lake Stovall, to get a sense of his vibe along with the style guidelines laid out in the blog post. Some of the images I created probably veer a bit too far away from exactly what they want but I always find it fun to push boundaries, within reason. Read more about the Album Art Design Challenge. If you are a graphic designer feel free to read about the contest and enter. The more the merrier! The deadline is 3/26.


My first design I played with neon and dutones with more contrast.

Album-art-design-challenge-adobe- 2.png

My second design I went a bit softer.


My third design I played with lots of color!


My fourth I used hands instead of a face.


My fifth, probably my favorite, I used three layers of flowers with a neon pink portrait.


My ethos, if I have one, is to do something daily that inspires you or takes you out of your mind for a bit. Where you look up and see that an hour has passed by so quickly. This can be creative, reading, writing and designing are my trifecta of happiness, or constructive. Either way it makes you feel accomplished and fulfilled even if no one else sees it or gives you a trophy.

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