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Content Creation and Graphic Design


I've created content for over a year for my blog, social media and marketing campaigns.

Pinterest graphic designed for my blog.

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Two examples pictured here are Instagram and Pinterest graphics.  I'm also well versed in copy writing and editing with a little SEO and keyword research for good measure.

Instagram graphic designed for a client.


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Technical Writing

Coding by Example learning iOS development with Xcode learn iOS programming Ebook Julian Merghart Kristen Morris.jpg

I was the main technical writer and editor for the Ebook, Coding by Example, available on the iTunes store for download. This was my first foray into technical writing on a subject I wasn't well versed in. I had fun learning about programming while working on this book and continued to learn more about programming after completing the project.

Modern Techniques in Data Collection A Case Study In Advanced Web programming Using PHP 5 and MYSQLi 4 create powerful data collecting website with full text search capability complete source code to the beta version of the website programming Julian Merghart Kristen Morris.jpg

This was my second go around being a technical writer and editor for the Ebook, Modern Techniques in Data Collection, available on the iTunes store for download. This book was a deeper dive into programming and it really tested my technical skills as well as translating these concepts into easy to understand bites for the reader.